Card Health Care is a Canadian owned and operated family business based in Aurora, Ontario.   For the last six years we have been manufacturing and distributing HHC and OTC brands to home health care stores and retail pharmacies across Canada.   

Our goal has always been to offer Canadians a wide range of unique and very high quality products that had previously only been available through European and U.S.A. retail outlets.   

Due to a growing volume of calls and e-mails, we decided it was time to offer our top selling collection of brands directly to our loyal Canadian consumers.  You can trust our products to meet your health care requirements.

Our products will be shipped to you from our warehouse just North of Toronto, so you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen duty and/or brokerage charges.

Our complete range of 20+ brands and over 1,200 products is visible on our pharmacy website at  www.cardhealthcare.com.

You may also view our Sabona Canada website www.sabonacanada.ca for our full catalogue of Sabona bracelets and supports.  Sabona bracelets are crafted with high-quality materials including stainless steel, 99.9% pure copper, and strong 1200 to 1800 gauss magnets.

Established in 1959, Sabona of London, Inc. is the premier manufacturer and marketer of fashionable and functional copper and magnetic jewelry.  The product line includes Sabona Stainless Steel and Copper Magnetic Bracelets, Sabona Medical ID Bracelets.  In addition to bracelets, Sabona offers Sabona Copper Thread Compression Supports for the ankle, knee, elbow, hand, forearm, and back.




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