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Quick Tape

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Foot Cream Deep Healing


Our special formula penetrates deep to help heal dry, cracked areas — which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and sensitive feet.

SKU: P3069 Category: UPC: 092437028061
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PediFix Corn Protectors Visco-GEL 2 Pack


PediFix Visco-GEL Corn Protectors absorbs pressure & friction, protects, soothes and softens corns

SKU: P81 Category: UPC: 092437456116
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Toe Trainers


Adjustable, trimmable Velcro fasteners for a custom fit and toe alignment.

SKU: P51 Category: UPC: 092437735334
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Tea Tree Soaking Crystals


This invigorating soak soothes aches and pains, relieves itching and softens corns and calluses while fighting fungus and bacteria.

SKU: P3078 Category: UPC: 092437354856
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Corn Protectors Felt


Self-adhesive backings keep these durable Felt pads securely in place. Scissor trimmable for a custom fit.

SKU: P15 Category: UPC: 092437298921
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Pedifix® Visco Gel Callus Protectors (2)


Visco Gel Callus Protector

SKU: P816 Category: UPC: 092437 654703
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Pedifix® Sore Spot Skin Blister Protection


SoreSpot Skin Blister Prot

SKU: P810 Category: UPC: 092437 085651
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